Synopsis – Christian’s unsettled mind.

Set in the year 2013 – Key Biscayne Florida, the first part of this exhilarating trilogy depicts how past and present consequences affect the lives of the surviving members of a close knit family who have no idea that they are living out a curse placed on their maternal family over half a century ago.

Typically calm and collected Christian Cervello is haunted by deep fears, which he has cleverly masked for years. However when unsuspecting Brazilian native, Isabella Montes catches his attention, his perfect façade begins to disintegrate and their intense chemistry sets off a dangerous spiral of events. Soon after she falls in love with him, she finds herself trapped in the web of deceit, lust, and betrayal that has held him captive for years. In a world where true love is buried within intense obsessions, Isabella finds herself suffocating in the strange dynamic of Christian's emotions, which have deep dark roots.

When Isabella is informed that she holds the most important key to unlocking the family mystery, she must either maintain her sanity long enough to fulfill her part or leave Florida with her peace intact.

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Christian, Thriller, New Adult