General Synopsis

Miami's hottest bachelor, Christian Cervello is a descendant of two strong families, one (Gomes) of which is nearly wiped out while the other (Cervello) continues to thrive, despite many misfortunes. When fate finally brings Brazilian beauty Isabella Montes his way, the threat of their union traps her in the web of consequences that has enslaved his family for over half a century. Life brings the Cervello family some of the most unlikely people; some who knowingly or unknowingly help or hurt their quest.

As deceit, greed, lust and betrayal cause friendships to crumble, desperation to find peace leads to a quest for answers in the most unlikely places; leading those who remain to unravel the biggest mystery of all. The team quickly realize that the quest for peace isn't for the faint of heart; however, those who opt for it find hope in knowing that the goal can be reached with the combination of their efforts. What remains is a team who come to know the true meaning of iron sharpens iron.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Christian, Thriller, New Adult