Casa Del Amor

(Referred to as Casa Cervello from 1961 to 2013)

Considered home to the main characters, this house located in Key Biscayne, Florida was purchased by wealthy restaurateur, Carmine Cervello in 1961 as a family heirloom. His first son, Taddeo and his wife, Patricia inherited the home in 1980 and resided there with their son, Christian, as well as Patricia's identical twin sister, Elizabeth, her husband, Carlos and their daughter, Rachel. As tradition stood, Taddeo's heir, Christian, was next in line to inherit the home. However, after the tragic death of both Rachel's parents in 1997, the Cervellos bent the tradition at their son's proposal. With Christian's blessings, Casa Cervello was granted to Rachel in 2008, forgoing the tradition that called for a natural born Cervello to inherit the home.


Known as the house of love, Rachel officially changed its name to Casa Del Amor on October 4, 2013. The value was last estimated in 2008 to be 13.5 million USD.